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Gumbet, is a lively and modern beach resort and a popular tourist destination on the Aegean coast of Turkey, 3 km. from the famous Bodrum resort, in the Mugla Province. Gumbet has become a major tourist destination on the Aegean coast of Turkey especially for the UK holidaymakers.

When a small and quiet village that peacefully inhabited this heavenly cove between the pine-forested mountains and glittering topaz-blue bay was discovered by the sun-hungry holidaymakers, Gumbet was quickly submerged by a myriad of excellent hotels, apartments, bars, cafes, pubs, restaurants, nightclubs, shops and tourist facilities.

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Find out all the best things to do and sightseeing on this lovely beach resort of Turkey, including the best places to stay, eat, drink as well as the top attractions and sights, top excursions, day tours, and all of the useful information you need to know before you go.


With its stunning beaches, rich history, vibrant nightlife, and delectable cuisine, Gumbet offers an incredible holiday experience in Bodrum. Whether you’re seeking relaxation, adventure, or cultural exploration, Gumbet has something for everyone.

Blue Cruise, Yachting & Sailing

With its surroundings, long coastline, outstanding landscape of pine-covered hills, isolated bays and inlets, wonderful beaches, ancient cities, marinas and every kind of attractions; Bodrum peninsula can be considered as the Aegean paradise and is also a major centre for yacht tourism and blue cruising in Turkey.

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Are you visiting Gumbet and Bodrum for the first time? You can find out all the useful information and top insider tips and recommendations to plan your first trip well planned, easy, fun and safe. You can read our guides here the top attractions, sights, daily tours and excursions, boat trips, yacht & gulets, travel tips, and more things to do.

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