Top 10 Best Bars in Gumbet

The nightlife in Gumbet makes the resort excel amongst Turkish holiday resorts, as when the sun sets, the city is ignited in a sea of lasers and neon lights.

Gumbet Bars Street is the main for intense nightlife in Gumbet. The many bars, restaurants and nightclubs, seemingly hidden during the day, rise up out of the resort and take it over in a swarm of light and sound. This party lasts until dawn every night throughout the summer.

About the Gumbet Bars; the most popular ones are Club X Bar, Outback Bar, Chico’s Cocktail Bar, Shakers Dance Bar, O’Connors Bar, Roy’s Place Karaoke Bar, No Name Bar, Atlantis Bar, Temple Bar and Hangover Bar. Drinks at the Gumbet bars are cheap.

In addition; the bars of the Gumbet beach clubs and the bars of the Gumbet hotels are also good with lots of entertainment for the holidaymakers.

If you want to experience the other famous bars in the Bodrum peninsula, than take a night out and visit the famous Kuba Bar in central Bodrum for sure.

Gumbet’s Top 10 Best Bars

Club X Bar

Address: Bars street Gumbet, Gumbet
Tel: +90 252 313 16 07, 252 313 65 72

Outback Bar

Address: Adnan Menderes Str., Gumbet

Hangover Bar

Address: Ayaz Str. No:33, Gumbet
Tel: +90 554 655 25 05

O’Connors Bar

Address: Sakir Esendemir Str., No:4/A, Gumbet
Tel: +90 252 319 69 41

Roy’s Place Karaoke Bar

Address: Plaj Str. No:9, Gumbet

No Name Dance Bar

Address: Ayaz Str. No:16, Gumbet

Atlantis Bar

Address: Ayaz Str. No:35, Gumbet

Temple Bar

Address: Gumbet bars street, Gumbet

Shakers Dance Bar

Address: Erguvan Str. No:9A, Gumbet

Chico’s Cocktail Bar

Address: Adnan Menderes Str., Gumbet